Young Explorers Academy

Young Explorers Academy is a fun and unique educational programme that excites students about learning subjects related to maths, science and technology outside of the classroom. Instead of writing, taking exams or tests, Explorers Academy is designed to allow pupils to investigate and discover STEM subjects in a stimulating learning environment.

Our inspiring educational trips provide opportunities for students to discover how mathematical reasoning is applied in different situations, to experience the fun side of science in challenging environments and to explore the future roles of ICT in the real world context.

Explorers Academy does not only provide subject knowledge and fun experiences for students who already show aptitude and interest in furthering their learning, but also motivates and builds confidence in students who struggle with STEM subjects.

These trips certainly have great potential to support students understanding, as well as foster interest and enthusiasm in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Young Explorers Academy is designed and delivered by experts, specialist institutions and universities in Oxford, Cambridge and London to offer students first-hand experience. If you are looking for inspiration in maths, science and technology trips and programmes, we can help you.

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