Subject-Based Programmes

At Perceptum Education, we provide educational programmes for students from all around the world. We cover a wide range of subjects to enable students to enhance their English language skills while developing their knowledge in a subject of their choice. We are enthusiastic about engaging students in settings that offer distinctive experiences and which will undoubtedly have a significant and influential impact on their learning. Our subject-based programmes offer students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom using a ‘hands on’ attitude to enable active engagement.

With the subject-based educational programmes that we have prepared, students have the opportunity to experience their academic area of interest from a global perspective and will be taking an important step in to their career. The programme can be tailored to meet your requirements and can take place at any time throughout the year. Duration of the programme can be arranged as periods of 5 to 15 days and can be adapted to the interests of the group and the number of participants.

Unique subject-based programmes in collaboration with prestigious universities and academic institutions in Oxford, Cambridge and London enhanced by workshops and seminars are on offer with Perceptum. Unlike stereotypical tourist tours, these programmes are specially designed for the interest of students and the information provided is by expert educators and academics. We encourage individuals in groups of students to learn critically and differently from the usual perception, which does not always offer an academic perspective.

At Perceptum, we are so much more than educators. We are a source of support by formulating the correct approach for optimum development. We do not believe that one size fits all, as everyone is different. We see ourselves as partners in each student’s education, giving the best possible service to ensure that students utilize their learning opportunity.

We are a dedicated team who ensure that your needs are met and your consultancy experience is handled with particular care and reassurance such as assisting students with programmes, workshops, paperwork and applications, visas and insurance, and even liaise with families to provide comfort that their loved ones are safe.